Submissions for the 2018 Clear The Air Film Fest are now open!

The Clear the Air Film Fest showcases student-produced short films that address topics on air quality, environmental health and lung health in the community, with a goal of encouraging young people to use film as a medium to interpret and change the world around them. Each year, Breathe California awards over $3,000 in prizes to the winning filmmakers. Past judges have included Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo, executive director of Greenpeace Annie Leonard, and actress and activist Q’orianka Kilcher.

This year, short film entries will be accepted in High School, Youth (8th grade and under), and General Public categories.

Our Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest, sponsored in part by CVS Health will be open to High School and Youth. Two prizes will be awarded for a total of $600.

Filmmakers are welcome to enter both contests by submitting both a short film and a PSA!

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What Our Past Judges Say

2015 Judge Mark Ruffalo

I was pleasantly surprised by these film makers and all the ways they chose to express themselves. From very high tech pans and low light photography to making a film on an Iphone, animation, pristine editing, moving interviews and personal stories were all used to great effect. We are in the brave new world of story-telling. These young people with these message-based films are the cutting edge of a new generation of film artists.

Mark Ruffalo Academy Award Nominated Actor and Director

2016 Judge Pablo Gomez

Young people make up 20% of our state’s population. It is a large demographic with game-changing potential. See, we live in a special set of circumstances that sets us apart from previous generations: we do not have the luxury of sticking to the status quo. We cannot afford inaction. It is with this sense of urgency that we work on climate, to find long-lasting solutions and innovation in our everyday lives that can lead to a more sustainable future.

Pablo Gomez Alliance For Climate Education

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